Edwin Torres

Edwin Torres Personal Info

Household Income

Local: $39,765
Connecticut: $102,330

Net Worth

Local: $28,829
Connecticut: $98,751

Number of Children

Length of Residence (Years)

Local: 14
Connecticut: 14

Dwelling Type

Edwin Torres Dwelling Type:  Single

Year Property Built

Local: 1948
Connecticut: 1963

Household Marital Status

Edwin Torres Household Marital Status:  Single

Number of Adults in House

Edwin Torres Number of Adults in House:  1

Household Size

Edwin Torres Household Size:  2

Home Market Value

Local: $122,616
Connecticut: $286,040

Political Donor

Edwin Torres Political Donor:  No

Charity Donor

Edwin Torres Charity Donor:  No

About the subject: Edwin Torres

69 W Liberty St, Waterbury, CT 06706, Born September 1952